Centralizing Invoicing Processes Globally:
Imerys Case Study


Invoice processing in the corporate landscape is a labyrinth fraught with time losses, potential errors, and complexities in managing diverse regulations and systems.

Imerys, the world leader in industrial mineral specialties, with a €4.3 billion turnover in 2022 and 14,000 employees, have embarked on a major digital transformation project across Europe and the USA, navigating diverse IT systems and corporate entities.

Join Christophe Boden, VP at Imerys, as well as finance experts from Fluxym and Basware, as we discover how they implemented this project to standardize processes for centralized invoice processing across 2 shared services centers, whilst also successfully integrating the specific e-invoicing regulations in different countries, organizations, and IT systems.

Key Takeaways: 

  • Learn how to integrate and deploy a centralized solution, enabling processes to be homogenized for centralized invoice processing by the Shared Services Centres.
  • Understand how to successfully manage the specifics of different countries, organizations, and IT systems.
  • Discover the immediate key benefits seen by Imerys.
  • Uncover how this type of project can help you stay up to date with all evolving e-invoicing mandates across the globe.

Speakers :

  • Bob Booth, Head of Enablement, Basware
  • Christophe Boden, Shared Services and Continuous Improvement, Imerys
  • Patrick Van Osta, International Sales Manager, Fluxym

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