Louboutin Customer Case – Partnering For Success with Fluxym and Basware

Hentzepeter, Vitonne, Neishaboory

In this Partnering for success webinar, Fluxym presented one of the most famous luxury shoe brands of the world, and how they “walk” their purchase to pay process as smooth as possible, to help them work together with their suppliers, to create the most beautiful and sensual, high-quality products that fit the brand.

This case covers a global roll-out with the USA and France in the lead. We covered the Networked Purchase to Pay in a world where things are just not always standard.

Check out Julianne Vitone, Assistant Manager Account Payable, The Americas at Christian Louboutin, Newsha Neishaboory, Basware & Practice Lead / Project Manager at Fluxym, and Linda Hentzepeter, Partner Manager at Basware in the recording of this Basware Partnering for success webinar.

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