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Redefine Contract Lifecycle Management with SirionLabs and Fluxym

Contracts are about relationships and collaboration between clients and suppliers, and focused on creating additional value. Those relationships are becoming more and more complex, and the traditional contract management approach needs to evolve.

In our experience, organizations that have structured the management of their contracts definitely get more of the intended added value of their contracts.

Manage the complete lifecycle of your contracts, from authoring and signature to active in-life management through termination, in one single platform. SirionLabs’ CLM enables legal and contract management teams to meet today’s businesses’ complex contract management needs.

Why select SirionLabs and Fluxym for your CLM project?

Fluxym has been helping organizations with their digitalization for 20 years. This especially means efficient contract lifecycle management thanks to visibility and automation. Our experts are here to support our CLM project.

With their deep expertise across the source-to-pay lifecycle and a successful track record, Fluxym is today recognized as a trusted procurement transformation partner for enterprises. We are delighted to collaborate with Fluxym to help organizations unlock hidden value in supplier contracts.

Amol Joshi, Chief Revenue Officer, SirionLabs

We supported them with their SirionLabs project

Despite the heavy economic impact of the pandemic on the travel industry, Aéroports de Montréal decided to invest in SirionLabs contract management solution to build a brighter future. Discover their story and the key factor that made the project a success.

Manage all your contracts in a
single, easy to use platform

SirionLabs’ added value

100% cloud solution with a touchless deployment, quick integration and easily configurable

Contract repository

Gather all your drafts, signed contracts and business documents in a highly secure and centralized repository.

Contract drafting

Save time when drafting your contracts thanks to SirionLab’s easy-to-use and flexible contract authoring interface. Take advantage of the online clause library, the automated computation risk score and the autosuggested templates.

Negotiations, approval and e-signature

Establish a clear and auditable visibility into iterative changes made within the collaborative environment. Configurate your negotiation and approval workflows based on customizable criteria.

Compliance and administration

Eliminate the gaps and ambiguity around your contracts thanks to OCR AI-enabled extraction. Make mindful decision with granular monitoring.

Renewal and expiration

Don’t letmissed re-negotiation and contract optimization opportunities pass you by thanks to alerts and advanced notifications. SirionLabs provides you with timely visibility on all your contracts.

Analytics and reporting

Create hundreds of dashboards and reports depending on your needs.


Easy integration with ERPs (SAP, Oracle), CRMs (Salesforce), Procure to Pay (Ariba, Coupa, Ivalua), IT Services Management (ServiceNow, Remedy), Proprietary systems, Fileservers, etc.

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