They say that necessity is the mother of invention. The Covid crises has created new necessities for businesses from all verticals. The market is full of clever new ways of doing business right now, but Fluxym has found the driving issue to help drive your source-to-pay project. With fully mobilized teams and refined methodology, Fluxym can provide SRM in 4 weeks. And did we mention we did that entirely remotely?

2020’s Procurement Priority

At the beginning of 2020, an international consulting and business services group decided that their #1 priority was to deploy a single solution to monitor its entire purchasing chain. As with any purchasing department, expectations were high for the results of such a transformation. This project had to increase efficiency, highlight spend visibility and most of all, drive the bottom line. So why did they start this SRM project in such a tumultuous time? Because when the world gets messy, a strong, efficient, and visible supply chain is one of the best investments a company can make. If supply chain does not work, the rest of the process does not either.

Full Confinement: A new, leaner methodology?

Face-to-face has been crucial for so long, it sometimes seems like it is the only way to work. Get to the office and get to work. When that is not possible, it forced Fluxym to reassess their entire process. Instead of asking “Can our teams do this from home?” it became “Can our teams do this even better from home?”

Betrand Lesne, a Fluxym Source-to-Pay leader, certainly thought so:

“To succeed in this challenge, we decided in agreement with our customer, to stick as closely as possible to the standard processes of the solution, with a few adaptations to the margin and to manage the project with short 15-day sprints. In addition, we have reviewed the organization of the work sessions, using a tighter 3-hour format, better adapted to the remote work of participants spread over several countries.
As a result, the workshops were very effective, with everyone being mobilized around the objectives to be achieved and the deadlines to be met”.

Fast Foundations

The backbone of any Source-to-Pay project is SRM. Supply chain is many things, but if you do not know your suppliers, how can you make informed decisions about where you source from?

Fluxym deployed the SRM module in 4 weeks, creating a single database of 1,200 suppliers. And if this was not amazing enough, Fluxym fully trained 20 buyers on how to not only add new suppliers but to update legal documentation and certifications for the existing database and accredit those who have registered onto the Ivalua Solution.

The result, A Single Source of Truth database the company can build their entire process around.

The Secret Sauce? Easy as 1-2-3!

The success of this project fell on 3 factors and each one had to be excellent.

  1. Technological
  2. Methodology
  3. People

As the only Gartner Leader across the entire S2P suite, it goes without saying that Ivalua was the technology for the job. With industry leading out of the box functionality, there really was no second choice for technology.

The methodology was completely refined for this project and that took the talents of both Fluxym and the client to get it executed exactly right.

It is people that make it all happen and without Fluxym’s team of Source-to-Pay experts and decades of experience, all the methodology in the world could not have made this happen.

With any other solution or any previous methodology or any other team but Fluxym, this project simply could not have happened on this timeline.

Don’t Blink or You’ll Miss It

SRM in a month is one thing, but this company wanted more. Transformation is rarely one module. So, what happened to the rest? Fully deployed in 3 months. Fluxym deployed contract, catalogue, and item modules, followed by the Procurement and Invoice modules for a final Go live scheduled for the end of July.