Fluxym team has developed a powerful algorithm to cleanse supplier data. Thanks of our strong integration experience, we offer a turnkey solution to collect your data from different sources, eliminate all duplicates and work with you on data enrichment.

Cleansing As A Service

Supplier data cleansing is the first step to every Source-to-Pay project

Problems Encountered

  • Lack of control on supplier creation process
  • Duplicates, incomplete and inaccurate data
  • No data governance
  • Underestimation of bad supplier management and its consequences

Loss of solutions and Source-to-Pay processes efficiency

Solution :

  • Full methodology including strategy and data collection
  • Powerful algorithm built to optimise supplier data cleansing
  • Report highlighting all discrepancies and bogus data

Your team can focus on integration projects and process improvement

Our detailed methodology:

Cleansing as a service, suppliers data, onboarding, master data management