Simetryk, Fournisseurs, données, Fluxym


Simetryk is a Fluxym company, which is also the the first reseller of the solution in Europe and North America. The Fluxym integration experience and Simetryk power is the perfect combination to provide a turnkey solution.


A simple and an effective approach to manage suppliers data.

Ensure Data Accuracy

Improve efficiency

Secure the onboarding process


  • Increased spend visibility
  • Sourcing efficiency
  • Reduction of manual entries
  • Improved supplier onboarding
  • Reduced risk exposure
  • Supplier compliance management

Key Features

Eliminate duplicates through a powerful algorithm

Centralize all suppliers data in one single system

Delegate part of the data maintenance to your supplier

Synchronize with any of your internal systems

Involve all departments through the collaborative workflow

Provide a best-in-class, simple and intuitive UI

Get immediate results by cleansing your supplier data and controlling your creation process


Simetryk is a SIM solution (Supplier Information Management) that consolidates and maintains suppliers data within the company. Developed in Canada, the cloud application is based on a powerful algorithm to cleanse, harmonize and synchronize data with any enterprise systems.