Fluxym and Basware’s expertise to make Clarins supplier invoice processing more reliable

Case Study Clarins


  • Standardize, centralize and make the management of supplier invoice reliable
  • Streamline approval processes and implement KPI in order to monitor invoice processing progress
  • Check compliance with payment deadlines
  • Improve supplier relationship in a global CSR approach

Key Figures

  • Turnover: $1,82 Billion
  • Headcount: 10,000 employees


  • 7 entities deployed
  • 65,000 invoices per year
  • 300 auditors – 100 endorsers
  • Invoice with and without orders
  • ERP: JD Edwards

Basware Modules

  • Invoice AP
  • E-Invoicing
  • Analytics


  • Implementation of an invoice management process for all the Basware Invoice entities
  • Invoice receiving automation in Basware E-invoicing for receiving.

Key Benefits

  • Standardization of the supplier invoice management for the whole group
  • Reliability of invoice information acquirement process
  • Better tracking and visibility of invoices monitoring
  • Management of invoice auditing in Basware
  • Payment deadlines tracking
  • Time saved for financial and operational teams.

We did appreciate how available consultants at Fluxym were and their accurate understanding of our needs. Consultants did guide us throughout our project from the specifications phase to the deployement of our solution. They also guided us throughout the training of our users.

Emmanuelle GUAY,
Supplier Accounting Manager

Do you want to make your supplier invoice processes more reliable?