Philippe de La Villardière

Fundamentally Fluxym

, by Philippe de La Villardière

A new name in the Source-to-Pay market.

Sixteen years ago, I founded Flucticiel in an emergent and fragmented Source-to-Pay market with extremely disconnected software.

At the time, we had buyers on one side with their sourcing solutions, and on the other we had accounting services who swore by “digitization” solutions, where magically – paper invoices disappeared into the scanner to store and reproduce images and data. In between, the procurement processes were often dictated by ERPs, generally limited to direct purchases.

Today, “Sourcing” and “Purchase-to-Pay ” tend to come together to form a coherent process between the finance and procurement departments: namely the Source-to-Pay.

Proud of our expertise, we are successfully positioned as precursor of Source-to-Pay best practices; and it is in this spirit that we face the future, constantly evolving, renewing and adapting ourselves.

Essentially Fluxym…

Fluxym experts S2P

Today, Fluxym emerges as the new identity of a company which has never ceased to evolve while remaining true to its values.

The new name, Fluxym is freely inspired from the Latin “fluxum” evoking movement and fluidity. It also maintains a strong link with the original name and the expertise gained over the years.

Simpler and more modern, the new logo expresses confidence, proximity and agility. It represents the energy resulting from the timely forging of our forces and our resources: a highly skilled team, recognized solutions, and satisfied customers.

Fluxym, expertise…

Since its creation, the company has successfully completed more than 350 projects with over 275 customers worldwide. Comprised of 75 experts (steadily increasing with more than 25% of staff growth expected this year).

Fluxym has the highest concentration of staff certified to integrate the most successful SaaS: Ivalua and Basware.

Our specialized teams are developed to help our clients analyze their spending and implement optimized processes while offering customized support solutions.
We realized how many projects were built on unreliable, redundant supplier data and distributed in several unrelated systems with no other choice. With Data Cleansing, we finally have the missing link – enabling our customers to base their S2P projects on pure supplier data, closely administered and controlled while streamlining the entire information system of the enterprise.

Fluxym is crucial in new markets

Extending our footprint from Montreal since 2015, we have successively opened offices in Toronto and New York to increasingly serve new customers in each of those markets.

With the constant evolution and the pressing need to transform the Source-to-Pay domain, North America stands out as a land of opportunity.

In Europe, our mission continues from France – striving for excellence in order to assist companies initiating or renewing a digital transformation of their procurement or finance systems. Our rapid expansion has recently been marked by the recent move of the Paris headquarters into brand new offices, able to absorb our growth, at 15 rue de la Faisanderie (Paris).

Also, in response to our customers, we have started strategic planning focused on the Asian market. To be continued…

Indispensable Fluxym

Resolutely looking towards the future, now more than ever, we continue to side with you to ensure a successful digital conversion of the Source-to-Pay practices.

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