BTB entrust Fluxym to digitize their entire Procure to Pay processes, from order creation to invoice approval


BTB is a real estate investment trust listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Since 2006, BTB owns and manages properties across Canada.


  • Optimization of monitoring and management of direct supplier contracts
  • Categorization of suppliers according to the typology of indirect purchases by geographical area
  • Benchmark and centralization of suppliers in order to limit spend without orders
  • Improve spend Management and contracts linked to purchase orders tracking.

Key Figures

  • Turnover: $ CAD 119 Millions
  • Headcount: 74 employees


  • + 20 000 suppliers
  • + 100 000 orders annually
  • ERP: JD Edwards (Multi-instances)

Ivalua Modules

  • Ivalua full P2P suite 
  • Sourcing
  • SRM
  • Contrat


  • Implementation of validation workflows tailored to the company’s purchasing policy (expense threshold, depending on hierarchical level and business units)
  • Functional and technical maintenance of the Ivalua platform
  • Tool training (contract, SRM and Sourcing modules) and business training about contract management (re-negotiation, parent-child relationship, structuring of contract prioritization).

Key Benefits

  • Holistic visibility of suppliers thanks to the data centralization on a single platform
  • Improved visibility, monitoring and management of contracts thanks to centralization in a single repository
  • Decrease of purchases without orders
  • Reduction in fraud risks thanks to less paper documents and implementation of validation and controling workflows
  • Improved user experience and better adoption of the platform thanks to the training provided
  • Adjustment of the purchasing strategy thanks to better visibility on spend management for each supplier.

With the expertise of Fluxym, we successfully automated our entire purchasing process, from order creation to invoice approval.

This enhanced system strengthened our supply policy, delivering unprecedented visibility and transparency across our operations.

Moreover, the centralization of supplier management and risk assessment has empowered us with strategic insights, optimizing our contracting processes to their fullest potential.

Finally, with Fluxym’s support, BTB has substantially elevated its contract management procedures, ensuring seamless operations across the numerous cities in which we operate.

Oscar Pardo
Application Systems, Data and Business Intelligence Manager

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